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My name is Sabrina and SweetBrownGirl Adventures was born from my love of wine and the unique experiences I get to have as I expand my palate and the palates of my closest friends and family. 

My biological children grew up with a very strict, conservative parent. Although I was religiously conservative, the main reason I didn’t drink was because I thought “alcohol tastes like cough medicine”. Then I met Sangria and I have never been the same.

As time has progressed I’ve become a lover of all sweet wines and even dabbled in semi sweets (as long as I have some chocolate or dessert to match). I’m here to share my journey with you all and inspire the idea that wine truly is for everyone. 

I know that the beginning of the wine-tasting journey can be overwhelming. There are so many types of wines, so many brands to choose from, and so many people who will tell you that this or that is definitely better than the rest. Let’s put all of that to the side for now. We’re here to have fun, try new things, and keep it simple. 

Remember, everyone’s palate is different so don’t be discouraged if my all time favorite is your worst nightmare. There is a bottle out there for you, Sweet Reader, we just have to take some time to find it. Most importantly, we have to enjoy the ride of finding our flavor.

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