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We invite you to embark on an extraordinary journey through the rich tapestry of wines, brews, and local delights! As a black and female-owned touring company, we curate immersive experiences that blend entertainment, relaxation, and unforgettable discoveries across Pittsburgh and beyond. Our tours are not just about sipping exquisite wines; they’re about crafting lasting memories. From karaoke sessions and lively games to engaging raffles, every moment is brimming with entertainment. Explore beyond wineries as we visit meaderies, cideries, and breweries, offering a diverse range of crafted beverages. Our focus on estate wineries allows you to enjoy picturesque drives and stunning scenery. Each tour is unique – from exclusive wine tastings and educational sessions to behind-the-scenes winery tours, hayrides through vineyards, and engaging activities like plastic axe throwing or corn hole. Enjoy wine-paired dinners, meet the winemaker, or bond over ‘get to know you’ games by a cozy fire pit. Our tours typically span 12 hours, accommodating groups of 25 to 35 guests. A comfortable bus with ample storage ensures convenience throughout the journey. For personalized experiences, opt for our customizable private tours or curated packages. To book your spot or inquire about our tours, contact Sabrina at sabrina@sweetbrowngirl.com. Follow us on social media for updates on our exciting adventures! Join us for an indulgent, entertaining, and culturally enriching journey!”

Welcome to an unconventional wine tasting experience that’s anything but traditional! Join us for wine ‘parties’ where the world of wine meets engaging games and educational fun. As an educator and literacy coach, I’ve curated an interactive journey into the realm of wines, blending my teaching expertise with a passion for oenology. Our gatherings kick off with lively wine-themed games—be it trivia, password, heads up, or more—designed to enhance your wine vocabulary and knowledge. We’ll challenge our senses with a ‘guess the aroma’ game, tuning our noses to discern the subtle notes in each pour. Delving deeper into the art of wine tasting, we explore the ‘S’’s. No need for sommelier status; I guide the tasting, weaving in playful yet insightful discussions based on our earlier games, making the learning process engaging and enjoyable. In collaboration with various venues our events feature handpicked selections from local and distant wineries. Here, we sample, learn, and even purchase unique wines, fostering a deeper appreciation for both local and international vintages. Whether you’re a wine novice or an enthusiast, our non-traditional approach to wine tasting promises a delightful blend of entertainment and education. Join us for an unforgettable experience where wine education meets playful pedagogy! Reserve your spot now to uncork the fun and learning.